Theresa (Terry) Spiegel

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Terry had a research position at Cooper University Hospital, division of Gastroenterology, starting in about 1990. After presenting a series of research proposals to the Cooper IRB, she was invited to join the IRB. Shortly thereafter she was appointed to be the IRB Director. That was the position she retired from in 2013. In October, 2019 Terry and I moved to Syracuse to be near Asher (our son) and his family. In June, 2020 Terry was diagnosed with ALS. In May, 2022 it was over. Harry Kissileff added the following:

Terry Spiegel was a pioneer in the ingestive behavior world, doing the first studies to explore the relationship between rating of eating and intake, by varying the chewing speed with items of different densities. She worked with Eliot Stellar, Henry Jordan, and Mickey Stunkard at the University of Pennsylvania early in her professional life, where I first met her.

Written by:
Andras Speigel, Terry’s husband

Dear Family and Friends,

A year after Terry’s passing we will perform the customary unveiling of the tombstone. The unveiling, after a brief pause, will be followed by the current practice of “Celebrating the Life of Theresa Spiegel” (also known by most as Terry Spiegel).

The unveiling is a religious custom that will be observed at the grave site. It may be attended in person by those living in the Syracuse (NY) area and electing to do so. It will also be conveyed by Zoom.

The Celebrating of Life will be by Zoom from the Synagogue facility, which accommodates both the visual and verbal participation of those desiring to do so. The transition from the cemetery to the synagogue will take about a half an hour. During that time the zoom link will remain open.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 635 584 5904
Passcode: 5783

Google Maps Pin for Beth Sholom Cemetery:

A probably superflous direction to the Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse:
From Comstock and Colvin:
Pass the Manley Field House. Make a right into the cemetery.

The scheduling is designed to accommodate American and Canadian time zone residents as well the Israeli family members and friends.

DATE: Sunday, June 4, 2023
TIME: 12 Noon, EDT, unveiling
1 PM, Celebration of Terry's Life

Andras Spiegel

Asher Burkhart-Spiegel