Poster Information

Poster Guidelines

The poster sessions are important to the success of the conference, contributing to both the breadth and depth of the conference program. Poster presentations make it possible for a large number of important developments in the field of Ingestive Behavior to be presented. The poster program provides authors with the opportunity to interact directly with colleagues to discuss research results at a level of detail that cannot be approached in formal questions following an oral presentation. Conference participants may view your poster paper by attending the specific session that you are in attendance or by touring the poster areas during other times. Conference participants may also view your poster during the virtual poster sessions.

Please note the following:

  • All poster presenters (both in person and remote) should upload a virtual poster for the virtual poster sessions.
  • Mounting of posters begins at 3:00 PM on the day before your presentation.
  • All posters must be mounted by noon on the day of your poster presentation.
  • Posters must remain on display until the end of your poster session.
  • Posters must be removed by 12:00 PM the afternoon following your poster presentation.
  • The poster board area is 1 meter wide x 1.25 meter in high. We suggest that you make your poster slightly smaller than this to allow for mounting. Mounting materials (sticky tack) will be provided onsite.
  • The posters must be lightweight and be able to hung by sticky tack. No tape or push pins are allowed to hang posters. Please note laminated posters are unable to be hung by sticky tack.
  • No photography is permitted in the poster sessions.