SSIB 2019 Exhibitor Directory

Research Diets, Inc. formulates and produces purified OpenSource Diets® for laboratory animals. Custom diets shipped in 5-7 days. BioDAQ® Food and Liquid Intake Monitor for mice and rats mounts to home cage and records the time, duration, amount of each meal automatically. BioDAQ NHP monitors food intake of socially housed NHPs.
Metabolic measurement systems for preclinical phenotyping and room Calorimetry. Sable’s Promethion™ platform is the new standard for accuracy, workflow efficiency, and best-practice data management. Auto-baselined, synchronized monitoring of MR, RER/RQ, food/water uptake, and control for paired, yoked, or timed feeding. Total activity, wheel and/or beambreak array capture position and displacement.
TSE Systems is a leading global manufacturer for Metabolic & Behavioral Phenotyping and screening systems . The TSE PhenoMaster® offers a modular solution for state-of-the-art automated metabolic and behavioral monitoring of rodents within the home cage. Metabolism: •Push & Pull Calorimetry, •Urine & Feces Quantification, •Drinking, Feeding with access control, Body Weight Monitoring. Behavior & Exercise: •Home Cage Activity, •Running Wheel Activity, •Motorskill Testing, •Operant Conditioning, learning/memory. Physiology monitoring: •Telemetry (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, ECG, EEG, Activity, Temperature). The integrated Software allows access to all raw sensor data, computation and analysis as well as the capability to conditionally link feeding/drinking to quantified exercise routines and/or reward based operant control.