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General Area
 Appetitive behavior
 Behavioral medicine
 Biological rhythms
 Chemical senses
 Circadian rhythms
 Community health
 Eating disorders
 Energy balance
 Energy expenditure
 Fluid balance
 Food choice
 Food preference
 Gastrointestinal peptides
 Gastrointestinal signals
 Gastrointestinal surgery
 Genetic obesity
 Lipid metabolism
 molecular biology
 Motor systems
 Sex differences
 Sex steroids
 Specific appetites
 Water balance
 Water intake
Specific Areas
 Adipose tissue
 Amino acids
 Anorectic drugs
 Anorexia nervosa
 Binge eating
 Blood glucose regulation
 Blood pressure
 Body fat
 Body image
 Body temperature
 Body weight
 Cognitive restraint
 Conditioned flavour preferences
 Conditioned taste aversion
 Diet composition
 Dietary obesity
 Dietary preferences
 Drinking/eating interrelations
 Estrous cycle
 Fatty acids
 Food addiction
 Gastric emptying
 Gastric secretion
 High fat diets
 Insulinlike growth factors
 Macronutrient intake
 Macronutrient selection
 Meal patterns
 Metabolic fuels
 Neuropeptide Y
 Night eating
 Portion size
 Salt appetite
 Sensory specific satiety
 Social Psychology
 Suckling behavior
 Taste aversions
 Taste physiology
 Taste preference
 Taste psychophysics
 Taste receptors
 Weight cycling

 Adult humans
 Nonhuman primates
 Transgenic mice
Brain/Body Parts
 Arcuate nucleus
 Area postrema
 Autonomic nervous system
 Basal ganglia
 Brown adipose tissue
 Caudal brainstem
 Cerebral cortex
 Dorsomedial nucleus
 Enteric nervous system
 GI Tract
 Islet of langerhans
 Lateral hypothalamus
 Limbic system
 Nucleus accumbens
 Nucleus of the solitary tract
 Orbitofrontal cortex
 Parabrachial nucleus
 Parasympathetic nervous system
 Paraventricular nucleus
 Peripheral nervous system
 Septal area
 Sympathetic nervous system
 Trigeminal nerve
 Ventral tegmental area
 Ventromedial hypothalamus
 White adipose tissue

 Adrenal demedullation
 Bariatric surgery
 Body temperature recording
 Brain lesions
 Carcass composition
 Cell culture
 Chronic catheterization
 Chronic decerebratation
 Confocal microscopy
 CT scan
 Cytotoxic lesions
 Electrical stimulation of the brain
 Electrolytic lesions
 Extracellular recording
 Fat cellularity
 Fat pad dissection
 Fluid intake monitoring
 Food Intake measures
 Gastric cathethers
 Glucose clamps
 Heart rate recording
 Hepatic portal vein catheters
 Hepatic vagotomy
 In situ hybridization
 Indirect calorimetry
 Inducible, tissue-specific transgenes
 Insulin clamps
 Neural transplants
 Operant Conditioning
 Oxygen consumption
 Pavlovian Conditioning
 Progressive ratio
 Protein chemistry
 Receptor assay (grind and bind)
 Receptor autoradiography
 Retrograde tracing
 Sensory deafferentation
 Sham feeding
 Site-specific brain cannulation/injection
 Stereotaxic surgery
 Subdiaphragmatic vagal deafferentation
 Sympathetic denervation
 Taste reactivity
 Tract tracing
 Transgenic techniques
 Viral tract tracing
 Viral vectors
 Western blots

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